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One of the most desirable suburbs in the Puget Sound region, the city of Issaquah is less than 20 miles from Seattle via Mercer Island. Close to the mountains, Issaquah can feel remote, but that’s a selling point – it provides convenient access to plenty of recreational activities and gives homeowners a chance to enjoy a private, outdoorsy Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Not surprisingly, many families are currently choosing to build or remodel in Issaquah.

Issaquah kitchen

Like its neighbor Bellevue, Issaquah has experienced periods of heavy construction, though most houses tend to have been built more recently.

Nevertheless, there’s a great opportunity to take these homes from cookie-cutter to custom. Even with relatively newer builds, the kitchens and baths may not be meeting your needs adequately, or perhaps some of the builder-grade finishes don’t suit your particular aesthetic. Given that the median home value is about $750,000 in Issaquah, remodeling tends to be more attractive than relocation, and Estate Homes can help you transform your existing house into your perfectly designed home.

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For more than 40 years, Estate Homes has been serving Washington State homeowners, and we’ve been building and remodeling in Issaquah for nearly as long.

We know how to manage the challenges specific to the area, from carefully navigating environmental and wildlife regulations in forested areas, to meticulously following the permitting and code requirements of the King County Building Department.

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