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Everyone's Home is Their Estate. Make it Yours.

Maybe you have been thinking about remodeling for a long time or maybe you just started thinking about it. You might be waiting to have the time to do it or you might be amassing the money to do it right. No matter the situation, talking to a Sammamish remodeler, like Estate Homes, can open up possibilities.

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Remodeling Is Not As Hard As It Looks

Making the commitment to remodel your home can be a daunting decision. Where do you start? Do you have time? What about all those choices?

That is where Estate Homes fits in. We take the stress, strain and time commitment off your shoulders.

First, we move at your pace, not ours. Move as quick or slow as you want.

Second, we have the professional artists and set designers to turn your "I like it" into "Wow". We call them architects and interior designers and they are top notch. We do the heavy lifting. As the producer you get to review and approve or reject.


Time is a Precious Commodity

We are all busy. Sometimes too busy to enjoy life. We put off decisions. We live with the status quo. We will take time for enjoyment tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

Leaving your home less than you want is enjoyment deferred. For what? Cost only increaseS and time to enjoy only decreases. You do not have to put it off, even if funds are limited.

Estate Homes is experienced in staged remodeling and there are many, many financing options. Sufficient funding is of course and requirement, but you may be surprised at what you can do with what you can afford.

Ready to work with a great Sammamish remodeler?