Ways to Escape Without Ever Leaving Home

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There are good days and then there are the get-me-outta-here-NOW days.   If you’re approaching the point where escape not only sounds good, it sounds like the only way to refrain from screaming and scaring the hell out of your coworkers, we have some home product ideas to help you relax and reset.  (Of course, if your coworkers are the source of your angst, you might want to seek alternate employment.  Life is just way too short for that.)  And, while these aren’t immediate fixes (after all, they do take time to implement), maybe just thinking of them will help in the meantime. 

Whirlpool/Air Bath from Aquatic


We’re a big fan of hydrotherapy and we think that the combination whirlpool/air baths from Aquatic are just what the doctor ordered.  Want your back massaged by shiatsu jets?  Consider it done.  Need a barrage of tiny air bubbles to work their calming magic?  These tubs have that, too, as well as an inline heater to keep your water nice and toasty.  With options for pulsating neck pillows and chromatherapy LED lighting (check out our earlier post that features other chromatherapy products), you’re well on your way to creating the perfect relaxation environment.   

Since you’re already updating your bathroom to install the whirlpool/air bath, add a gas fireplace for additional warmth and ambiance.  We like this small, contemporary gas fireplace from Regency.  Why not add a bathroom audio system to pipe in some mood enhancing tunes while you’re at it?  These SoundTile speakers from Kohler integrate with any audio system to provide you with the exacting performance and quality your bathroom haven requires.

Get Out (Literally)

Need to escape further than your bathroom?  How about escaping to your backyard instead?  

Create the perfect oasis for chilling and grilling with an outdoor kitchen.  Fancy yourself a barbecue master?  You need this charcoal smoker from Viking to prove once and for all that you really should be on BBQ Pitmasters.  More of a beverage genius?  We think this built-in cocktail bar from Lynx could have you serving up the perfect martini in no time.  With your new found bartending skills, you're going to need an outdoor ice machine, too.  Good thing Sub-Zero makes one that fits under the counter and holds up to 26 lbs of ice. 

So, turn off your phone, relax and enjoy your downtime.  And if you need help with getting your home outfitted with resort-like amenities, get in touch

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