Get Lit This Weekend With Inspired Lighting

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Regardless of your social plans the weekend, your home wants to get properly lit.

Lighting is an important aspect of interior design and has a huge impact on how a space works and feels. Think of the fluorescent lighting above your desk at the office and how it affects you.  If its harsh, unflattering rays make you want to bolt for a glass of vino at 5pm, here are some ideas to get relief (at least when you’re at home).

Ambient Lighting
When you flip the light switch as you enter your home tonight (crossing the threshold like it’s the finish line to a week-long marathon), take note of the light that greets you.  If it’s not welcoming or providing just the right amount of light to illuminate the room without either burning out your retinas or requiring a flashlight, it’s time for an update to your ambient lighting.  And while replacing spent bulbs and ensuring that you have the correct wattage bulb for your fixtures can also help, consider both the style and placement of the lighting, too.

Often, builders place a single light fixture in the center of a room’s ceiling which acts a bit like a spotlight, leaving the corners of the room dark.  While this central location is perfect for a statement piece like this one in stunning red Murano glass from Axo Light or this cheerful one from Tech Lighting, ideally, you should have multiple lights strategically placed to evenly disperse light throughout.   Modern can lights (down lights) are a great option as they are small, unobtrusive and last for what seems like forever; they also easily integrate with other “layers” of lighting within the same room.     

But if installing recessed lights isn’t an option, you can still achieve the appropriate level of lighting with track lighting like the monorail line from LBL Lighting. Floor and table lamps can also fill-in ambient light but the trick – particularly if you have a large room – is to not limit them to placement against a wall.   

Task Lighting
In areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, task lighting is critical.  No one wants to chop vegetables with a razor-sharp knife or shave when they can’t see!  For this reason, task lighting is brighter than ambient lighting and is directed to the specific area where the task is performed.  In the kitchen, under cabinet lights provide great task lighting and low-profile versions like these from Legrande Adorne are available that won’t intrude on your design.  

Our favorite way to provide task lighting in the bathroom is through backlit mirrors like the Eternity model from Electric Mirror.  Suspended from the ceiling in a stainless steel frame, it adds as much visual interest as it does light.

Another consideration: if you place your lighting on dimmer switches, you can easily adjust task lighting down to ambient lighting (and vice versa).

Accent Lighting
Don’t forget that lighting is instrumental to showcasing art and other focal pieces in your room.  Using accent lights like these swivel puck lights from LBL Lighting help to bring attention to your treasured belongings without being distracting.  Accent lighting can also be used outdoors on sculpture or landscaping features, making for an elegant nighttime setting.

Ready to Get Lit?
Our interior designer can work with you to develop a lighting plan for your home that is easy and comfortable to live with.  Get in touch and get started!

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