Game On! Ideas for the Ultimate Game Room

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If the thought of braving the madding crowd for entertainment this weekend sounds like more than you can stand, not to worry: we have some ideas for how to make your home the ultimate entertainment spot!

While a home theater is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dedicating a room solely to entertainment, we’d like to focus on something a little more social: the game room (and, no, watching sports in your home theater doesn’t count).  Depending on your budget and how much space you have to play with (pun intended), options range from “thanks for a nice evening” to “who needs a weekend in Vegas?”

Billiards, anyone? 
Personally, we couldn’t imagine a game room without a pool table.  If you just cringed because the first one that popped into your mind either looks like it belongs in a seedy bar or a Scottish castle, you’ll be happy to learn that there are many options beyond the stereotypes.   We particularly like the Brixton table from Brunswick (above) for its clean lines and furniture-like appearance.  

Perhaps something a little more traditional (but still not reminiscent of a Scottish Castle) is more your style?  Check out the Coventry model from Spencer Marston.   

If space is an issue, consider opting for a pool table that moonlights as a dining table.  Or maybe it’s vice versa?  Anyway, Blatt Billiards has just such a product with their fusion tables line.  We particularly like the stainless steel and walnut version.

Friendly Game of…
We get it: not everyone desires to become a pool shark.  For those of you more interested in entertainment that doesn’t involve equipment that can be brandished (and take out a lighting fixture), consider adding a card table.   The Marin game table by California House is a beautiful piece that comes in sizes to accommodate from four to ten players.   

If chess is more your style, the Ithaca Pub Table available from Howard Miller allows you to play a game and stow your fine spirits at the same time.

Let’s Talk Turkey
For a money’s-no-object kind of game room, add your own bowling alley.  It takes a minimum of 90’ x 11’6” for a two-lane residential alley (based on information from the folks at Brunswick), so space can’t be an issue!   To get a general idea of what your own bowling alley will set you back, Fusion Bowling provides a handy pricing guide on their website, along with a gallery of the amazing projects they’ve completed. 

Game On!
Even if your game room requirements are considerably more modest, please get in touch and tell us what kind of fun you’d like us to build into your home.  

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