It’s a Beige Alert! The Case for Blue Shag Carpet

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If you read enough articles on remodeling and decorating, you’ll see a recurring theme about implementing features and design aesthetics that appeal to the masses: whatever you do, make your home neutral and re-sale ready. That theme – hammered into homeowners, builders and designers alike – is all about Return on Investment. (And at times, even we are guilty of focusing on this concept to the exclusion of others.)

But unless you’re remodeling a rental property or are truly about to sell your home, that doesn’t always make sense.

Here’s why:

We asked a few people to quickly tell us about their favorite room from all the places that they’ve lived or visited. One chose a kitchen at one of his previous homes, describing it as “not very large, but it was laid-out really well and was easy to cook in – and talk to family at the same time. I never felt cut-off from conversations just because I was cooking.”

Another picked the sumptuous hotel room at the resort where she got married. “It was an island resort with lots of exotic hardwoods – the floors, furniture and even the walls were wood – only the white linens and the interesting local artwork broke it up. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time.” (Note: neutral doesn’t have to be boring!)

A third admitted, “I feel a bit like Ray from Ghostbusters when he conjured the Stay Puft marshmallow man – the only thing that pops into my mind is my childhood bedroom with royal blue shag carpet. Shocking, I know! My mother let me pick that carpet when I was four-years-old and, while by today’s standards it was absolutely hideous, it was such a happy, cheerful room. Sure, they swapped it out for beige when they went to sell that house but, for the nine years we lived there, my room was fun and uniquely mine.”

What do these answers have in common?

They picked these rooms because they made them feel something: included, relaxed, happy… We forget the uninspiring spaces that have no emotional affect on us.

So regardless of whether you’re looking for a home that’s a soothing escape from hectic everyday life or a bright and cheerful place that makes you wake up every morning feeling like you could conquer the world, dare to make your home live the way you want. Only worry about making it work for someone else when you know someone else is going to be living there.

Need help finding that perfect look between builder’s white and blue shag? Get in touch!

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