Take-Off with These Aviation-Inspired Design Ideas

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As a company headquartered in the land of Boeing (just outside Seattle), we find aviation design inspiration just about everywhere. And whether your taste leans towards jet-like sleekness, or the warmth and nostalgia of vintage design, there is something aeronautical for everyone.

Propelling Design
It’s no surprise that ceiling fans are a natural fit for aeronautical design – after all, how many other household products are specifically designed to move like propellers?  This chrome and translucent fan, called Artemis, from G Squared Art beautifully mimics the look of a jet engine without the roar: it’s silent (too bad actual jets aren’t).  But if your aviation style is less Bill Lear and more Red Baron, the Ariel 68" 2 Blade Ceiling Fan from Savoy House and the Aviation 60” Ceiling Fan from Minka Aire both have a more traditional wood propeller shape (even if their lines are still elegantly modern). 

Are airplanes a bit too plain-jane for you? More the maverick who’d prefer to go for a spin?  This fun helicopter design from Raffaele Ionnello would be the perfect addition to your home’s man cave – hovering right in front of a monster big-screen TV hooked-up to every possible video game console.  

Landing Lights
In the search for lighting, none fits the aviation theme quite as well as LED Illuminated lighting from LBL Lighting.  Why?  It reminds us of the nighttime cabin lighting from our last trans-Atlantic flight (minus the FASTEN SEATBELT sign, of course).  Check out the rest of their website, too, as they offer a range of gorgeous options (that aren’t necessarily appropriate for the cockpit).  

If you have a large room to light and want a fixture the equivalent of a B-52, opt for the the D2V2 designed by Danny Venlet for Dark Belgium. (Chocolate, anyone?)  Seriously, though, with its tubular shape and propeller-like internal fittings, this light is the bomb.   

From Legroom to Tray Tables
Even if you didn’t go to flight school, time will fly by as you work at your desk from the Carnegie Collection Jump Seat Chair by Four Hands.  We love its sculptural shape and riveting detail.  Rather than scoot it up to a standard desk, why not pair it with the Table B (Steel) from Barcelona Design?  The table’s graceful top is reminiscent of an airplane wing, making it the perfect complement.  

What about storage?  Yes, we know that using a table in lieu of a desk means that your hoard of sticky note pads has nowhere to live.  We thought it would be a lot more fun to use an airline trolley cart to hold all your office unmentionables.  This patriotic one from Skypak is made from stainless steel, has rollers and will probably outlast all of us.

Once your workday is over, you can always retire to the pilot’s lounge (or family room, as the case may be) and have dinner on a tray table like this inexpensive Fuselage Table from World Market. Or, eat dinner at a proper aircraft-inspired dinner table like this turbine table from Art Aircraft. With a number of aviation-themed tables available, we actually had a tough time picking a favorite.

Over and Out
Now that you are ready to install landing lights along your driveway to usher your guests to your door in style (is this even legal?), contact us. We can work together to get your home flight-ready and have fun, too!

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