Architects Cost Less Than You Think

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(And They Cost Far Less Than Design Mistakes)

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions homeowners have regarding residential construction projects is that hiring an architect or building designer is too costly.  Instead, as a cost savings, homeowners rely on their builder or remodeler to talk them through what the end result is going to look like. 

Before (Actual Photo)

If you have no imagination, this is difficult.  If you have lots of imagination and can visualize your finished project with ease, this is even more difficult: you may find that what you visualize isn’t the same as what your builder visualizes.  No one wants that disappointment. 

Maybe that specialty window you have your heart set on won’t look the way you think.  Maybe you need to remove an interior wall if you really want a kitchen island.  Not only can your architect tell you this, he can show you – and he can show you other options that might be a better fit.  Take a look at the “before” photo and proposed “after” rendering (yes, that’s really a rendering) for a project we’re currently working on.  It’s a lot easier to decide what to keep, what to change when you can see how it all works together.    

Proposed After (Rendering)

In our office, we like to joke that architects are artists who are really good at math.  They make sure your project is viable, functional and beautiful.  But what hiring an architect really affords you is a glimpse into the future – into what your finished project will actually look like before construction even begins.   

For a small percentage of the total cost of the project, you get peace of mind: a great design and no mystery.   

If getting exactly what you want is important to you, make sure you design, then build.   Contact us:  our on-staff design team can help you make your project look just the way you want.

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