8 Honey-Do Items to Make Your Home Look Its Best

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While it may be tempting to avoid the “Honey-Do List” when the weather is gorgeous (and there are so many FUN things to do), this is the perfect time to take care of those home maintenance chores that are tough to do when it’s cold and raining. Which items should get your attention right now? Start with these:

  1. Give Your House a Bath

    Think how dirty your car gets when it’s parked outside for any length of time – particularly if trees are overhead.  Tree sap, bird droppings, spider webs, pollen, and dust are just some of the unpleasant things that can leave your home looking dingy and tired.  With the right equipment and some elbow grease, your house can look its best.  Never pressure washed before?  This article on How to Pressure Wash Your House from Popular Mechanics is a great resource for (safely) getting the best results.

  2. Spruce Your Deck

    If your deck looks weathered and gray, chances are that it’s making your home look older (and less well-maintained) than it really is.  Giving your deck a facelift this summer will help your deck last longer and will make your outdoor space much more appealing (you might even find you want to spend more time outside once your deck looks new and improved).   Find helpful tips for refinishing your deck here.

  3. Wash Windows
  4. While washing windows may be the home improvement equivalent of a root canal, your hard work will pay off.  Once your windows are squeaky clean, you’ll be surprised at how bright and cheerful your rooms will seem!  It’s almost like upgrading your interior lighting.  Almost.    

  5. Repair Screens
  6. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to damage window screens.  Pets, wild birds, debris kicked up during storms or even rocks thrown by lawn mowers can puncture screens and allow bugs to creep in. Plus, ratty screens look...ratty.  Screen repair is actually a pretty simple process (although practice does make perfect), so don’t be daunted.  Screening kits available at home improvement stores provide the tools and materials you’ll need for much less than the cost of purchasing new screens.  When you’re finished, you’ll be surprised at what a difference the refreshed screens make to the curb appeal of your home.

  7. Check for Water Leaks
  8. Take a quick look at your outdoor faucets.  Are they dripping?  The folks at the Water Saving Partnership put together this helpful article on how to Fix a Leaky Outdoor Faucet.  What about your garden hoses?  Repairing small holes in the garden hose can be as simple as applying electrical tape around the damaged section.  In both cases, these environmentally-friendly small repairs can save a lot on your water bill. 

  9. Replace Furnace Filters, Clean A/C Filters
  10. Hopefully, you’re already swapping out your furnace filters every quarter but, if not, with pollen and other allergens running amuck, now’s an important time to do so.  If you are ready to break-out the window a/c unit to make your home tolerable on those hot summer nights, be sure to give the filter a good cleaning in advance. 

  11. Clean Ceiling Fans
  12. It’s always shocking how much dust can accumulate on ceiling fans in a short amount of time!  Rather than fling those allergens about when you flip the switch, use a helpful long-handled dusting tool like this one from Swiffer to save a trip up a ladder.

  13. Clean Dryer Ducts

    Even if you militantly clean the lint trap in your dryer after every load of laundry, it’s still important to periodically clean your dryer ducts.  You wouldn’t expect them to become clogged, but they can (and do), which poses a serious risk for fire.  Ask any seasoned firefighter whether he (or she) has ever responded to a dryer fire, and you’ll be a whole lot more diligent about this household chore.

There you have it: 8 things to check off your “Honey-Do List” this summer.  If in the midst of your home maintenance you find you need help with sprucing up your home, get in touch – we’d love to help!

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