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  •  Project: Enatai Residence

Things We Completed

  •  Design, Drawings & Permitting
  •  Demolition & Construction
  •  Interior Design

We successfully completed a major remodeling project on a prior residence for this homeowner, so when they purchased this T1-11 clad contemporary home on the banks of Lake Washington, they were eager to work with us on this property, too.  The existing house was not to the homeowner’s taste so their initial vision was to tear-down the home and rebuild.  

The enviable location in a private community on Lake Washington, however, posed numerous hurdles that made the prospect of rebuilding a significant challenge: a new home would require engineering, involvement from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, an environmental impact study on the birds and trees, plus shoreline issues with the City would make permitting challenging.  All of this would take substantial time to complete with no guarantees that the agencies would green-light the project.  To avoid all of that and keep the project on a reasonable schedule, we requested that the homeowner allow us to use the existing foundation with an addition to get around the issues.  

Within a short amount of time, we came up with a comprehensive remodeling plan that gave them exactly what they wanted: a stately, country French-inspired home with timeless appeal.  Effectively, they got a brand new home for a fraction of the time and cost of tearing down and starting over.  

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