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  •  Project: 3D Kitchen & Patio Design

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  •  3D Renderings

What your remodeled kitchen will look like shouldn't be a mystery!

One of the great things about working with a design/build firm that utilizes 3D architectural rendering tools is that you truly can "see" what your kitchen will look like when it's finished - before any of the workmen set foot in your home.    

Besides the obvious "cool" factor (really - who doesn't love seeing into the future?), 3D renderings are practical:  you can avoid costly mistakes when you see everything in place ahead of time.  What if you don't like the finish on the hardwood floors?  Rather than have them re-stained, simply adjust the design specifications before construction begins and get what you like the first time around.  

Read more on why it's so important to focus on the design of your project here.

What a short video on why it makes sense to design in 3D.

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