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A Tale of Two Remodeling Strategies

Here's the story of two completely different approaches to remodeling: a design/build approach (where design is king) and a construction-only approach.
Jennifer Matthews 28-Jul-2015 0 Comments
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Measure Twice, Cut Once

In remodeling, you want the "cut once" to be the actual construction of your project: on budget, on schedule, and meeting your expectations. Design is what makes it happen.
Jennifer Matthews 23-Jul-2015 0 Comments
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How to Select Countertops

Before you choose which countertops you want in your kitchen or bathroom, learn proper care- knowing your tolerance for upkeep may refocus your options.

15-May-2015 0 Comments
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How to Pick a Bold Paint Color

Changing wall colors is one of the simplest ways to make a dramatic change to your home, but picking the right bold paint color - is a bit more challenging.

Jennifer Matthews & Lynne Dillon 31-Dec-2014 0 Comments
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Up, Not Out: Use Your Attic to Expand Your Home

Whether the size of your lot, restrictions from your city planning office, or your budget preclude you from adding on to your home, you can still increase your available space by renovating your attic..

Jennifer Matthews 10-Jun-2014 0 Comments
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We’d Like to Float This Idea By You: Wooden Bathtubs

When you think of unique, luxurious materials for your sinks and bathtubs, you probably don’t think of wood. After all, wood and water just don’t mix, right? Happily, we can dispel that myth – just don’t expect these products to be inexpensive or available at your local home improvement store.

Jennifer Matthews 05-Jun-2014 0 Comments
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Bathroom Design That Glows on You

If you're traditional, modern or otherwise, there's a number of glow-in-the-dark and illuminated options to add whimsy or practicality to your home.

Jennifer Matthews 08-May-2014 0 Comments
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