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Estate Homes learned a valuable lesson the hard way many years ago:  Having the builders in one office and design staff in another office is NOT the most effective way of controlling a quality process.  Since then, Estate Homes has always employed all design/build staff in-house to ensure the best possible system and outcome.  We see that many other firms claim they provide “design build” services, however, in actuality they contract out their design team, which is not a true design build firm and can not achieve what a true one does. 

At Estate Homes, we employ in-house design professionals including the building, interior and cabinet designers, thus fulfilling the intention of design build which is to have all parties under one roof creating a seamless and efficient process. 

When our designers need costing information on a material selection, they do not have to pick up the phone, leave the office or wait for information - their team member is right down the hall!  When an issue arises that needs the attention of a multi-disciplinary team, they are all right there! We have high regard for the true design build process because it works!

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