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If you want a successful outcome for your project, do it right.  Have a solid system in place, choose the right people to implement it and make sure all the details are covered up front for a “no surprises” process.  Estate Homes discovered a long time ago that this is the only way to do it.  A step by step method is used to make sure all bases are covered.  Next, the designers on our staff have been hand-picked for their knowledge, experience and ability to relate to our clients.  To tie it all together a specification manual, complete with every detail, is presented to the client for approval.  Following, in order of occurrence, is a little more information describing the flow of the design process.  Enjoy the process!  You're in good hands!

Architectural Design

After you have signed an agreement for design services, the architectural design process begins with us taking existing measurements (as-builts) at your home and having you complete a planning guide.  From this information,we learn about your family and life style, in addition to the information your provided previously.  Using your ideas, combined with our suggestions, we present a preliminary architectural design.

Your feedback and any new information from that meeting allows us to make plan revisions.  At the next meeting the revised plans will be shown for approval.  (Sometimes we use the internet for meetings, saving you a trip to our office.  You will be able to see plans, photos, and 3-D images (if applicable) of your design.) This pattern continues until the design and drawings, along with a corresponding construction budget, have been approved by you.  After approval of the design and your budget, we work on getting your design ready for a permit submittal and later submit them for you.  As soon you approve the architectural design, the architectural designer goes "behind the scenes" to work on the permit drawings, and you will be introduced to our interior designer to begin the interior design selections, materials and plans.  Another stage of fun begins!

Interior Design

Our interior designer is very familiar with your project even before you've met.  At your first meeting, the goal is to gather information from you on your ideas and style preferences and a discussion of a few basic concepts.  This lays the groundwork for the coming sessions.

The dream continues to come to life as concepts, materials and color schemes are presented and selections are made.  The interior design function at Estate Homes is complex, detailed and complete.  Our process has a mixture of creativity and organization.  We've worked hard on our process to make this time as efficient and easy on you as possible; we do all the leg work!  Early on in the process, you'll be selecting the large hard surfaces, such as countertops and flooring, then moving into the finishes such as plumbing and electrical fixtures and millwork.  Once all selections are approved by you, we will present you with a complete, detailed set of drawings and specifications.  You can double check all your selections and scope of work, initial your package of drawings and specifications, and then we send them out to bid for you to get you the best craftsmanship for the best price.

Cabinetry Design and Cabinets Retail Sales

Shortly after interior design begins, you'll meet with our cabinet specialist.  At first, she’ll want to know more about the way you’ll be using the areas involved, whether that is a kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area, laundry room, etc.  She has also read the planning guide and, with the information gained from the initial meeting, will start the cabinet design phase.  She is concerned about any specific usage or storage needs and will want to more about appliances and fixtures.  Cabinets and Interiors work together to make sure the cabinet style and finish color are in harmony with the overall design concept. 

Through a process of presentation and feedback, the cabinet layouts will be fined-tuned.  Each cabinet will be considered to make sure its features (roll-out shelves, tray dividers, spice racks, recycle containers, etc.) will fit the way you plan to use it.  When the layout is complete, we'll present you with final drawings for you to review and approve, so we can send them out for pricing.  For more information on cabinet design and installation, read about it here.

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