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Company Culture

We are a small, family-run firm in south Snohomish County, comprised of a team of intelligent, fun and kind-hearted professionals who take pride in their work.  We strive to provide an exceptional experience for our customers, a friendly and professional experience for vendors and an environment of respect and camaraderie for each other.  We aren’t perfect, but our company culture encourages continuous improvement and welcomes new ideas (and we do like to have a laugh along the way).  

Who We Hire

We hire like-minded professionals who really want to be part of the family - who are dependable, yet flexible, and want more out of their job than to just “do their time” and go home.  To make the cut, you must be driven to provide exceptional customer service; you understand that clients, vendors and other employees are ALL your customers and, accordingly, you are polite, prompt and efficient in your dealings with everyone.   Experience counts, too, so we expect that successful candidates really know their stuff and are aware that small companies like ours need all employees to be superheros (but without the ego).

Open Positions

Just because we don't have an open positions right now doesn't mean that you shouldn't check back often.  We hope that you'll check our site periodically and apply for any open positions that match your skills and background.

Contact Details

Address: 16300 Mill Creek Blvd #121, Mill Creek, WA 98012


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Call Us: 425.743.3373

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