Up, Not Out: Use Your Attic to Expand Your Home

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In the quest for additional space, it isn’t always feasible to build an addition to your home.  Whether the size of your lot, restrictions from your city planning office, or your budget preclude you from adding on to your home, you can still increase your available space by renovating your attic.

Access is Key
Some attics – even those above your garage – naturally lend themselves to being converted to useable square footage.  Unfinished “bonus rooms” are a prime example, as they were originally designed to be completed at a later date and, most likely, already have access available (think stairs).  But what if you don’t have a bonus room waiting for conversion?  Or what if no staircase was ever built to your bonus room?

If no staircase to the attic exits, it may have still been part of the original design, making it fairly easy for your builder to implement without impacting your floor plan much (if at all).  Even if an attic staircase wasn’t part of your home’s original plan, one can often be built above the staircase that connects the two floors below, maintaining as much of your existing square footage as possible.

For those homes that – no matter how you arrange things – simply do not have a suitable spot to add a traditional staircase, all is not lost.  There are some unique attic/loft access stair products available, including “library ladders.”  Keep in mind that these small footprint staircases and ladders are generally not code compliant, so any extra space gained by their access will probably be called “storage” and not count towards your square footage if you go to sell your home.  Not to worry, though:  savvy buyers won’t be put-off by this and will have the vision to put the space to good use.

Designing the Space
If your attic space doesn’t yield a full-height room, be creative.  Tuck built-in bookcases and storage cupboards into areas where the ceiling height is most restricted.  Create sleeping nooks or fun play areas to free-up space in family rooms or bedrooms that are overrun with toys.  Maybe you just need a quiet space to work?  Add a built-in desk and suddenly your attic could be where you come up with your next great idea.  

You’d be surprised just how much you can squeeze into a small attic space  – the possibilities are endless!

Convert Your Attic Now
If you’re ready to convert your attic to a new living area, let us know.  We can work with you to design the perfect balance of function and value. 

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